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The International Week 2022 & Q&A Buddy System by the BDI

The International Week 2022

Board immediately for the International week from November 21 to 27th, online and on the different campuses during a week full of discoveries, emotions, and meetings! A must-see event and not to be missed this year!

What is the International Week? 

Whether you are a first new BBA student promotion at the Ecully campus, first-year student, second-year student, third-year student, well the end of your studies, whether you are a  French or international student, everyone is welcome and invited to this 3rd edition of the International Week. During one week, the International Student Board (Bureau Des Internationaux = BDI) organizes, in collaboration with the different departments of the school, associations, alumni, and the different campuses, events to promote the different career opportunities in France and abroad, the different possible academic exchanges as well as rich events to promote the different cultures and integrate all students by mixing all thanks to fun and professional events! This week aims to put the international students at the heart of the school for a week, allowing all students to share their culture and raise awareness of the wealth brought by international students to our campuses.

This event is supported by emlyon and the graduate network, emlyon alumni.

Why a third edition? 

« On ne change pas une équipe qui gagne » proverbe français du XX siècle. The saying goes, “Do not change a winning team. »

The first edition of the International Week took place in November 2020. It aimed to meet two needs: on the one hand, to increase the visibility of the events organized by the International Relations Department and, on the other hand, to encourage the school stakeholders to generate more effort to integrate an international community that represents almost a third of the people present on our campus. This awareness week, therefore, aims not only to recognize the importance of international students and the international within emlyon but also to disseminate the richness of foreign cultures to everyone. We expect the International Week to awaken students to the values of sharing, diversity, and open-mindedness and thus contribute to the evolution of mentalities.

What is new in this edition?

For this third edition, students will have the chance to attend new events during the International Week, which will be marked in particular by celebrating the 150th anniversary of emlyon and the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus+ program and the Football World Cup organized in Qatar. Among the new events offered, there will be sports betting competition on World Cup matches, participation, and integration into events on other emlyon campuses, as well as new associative collaborations and alumni discussions! Every day a new continent will be promoted! Many surprises await you, be ready!

Let’s take a first look at the program of the International Week!

On the program this year around twenty varied events with numerous collaborations including the 7 emlyon campuses, students, alumni, school associations as well as school services and stakeholders. This year, the BDI has decided to explore the theme of “Around the world in eighty days” by Jules Verne reworked into “Around the world in eight days” with a desire to emphasize the international evolution of our dear school for 150 years.The week will start directly with the official launch of the Expat Guide (Guide De l’Expatrié = GDE). This guide, updated each year by successive BDI mandates, has become a tradition at emlyon. It lists the advice and tips unearthed by all previous generations of students during their experiences abroad. Many events will follow, including within presentations dedicated to information on mobility and career opportunities in France and abroad, alumni conferences, and many varied associative events promoting intercultural exchanges.

So block off the week of November 21-27th on your calendar without further thought, for a week full of excitement and opportunities. Don’t hesitate to follow the Instagram account of the BDI for more information (bdi_emlyon) or ask your questions to the BDI’s avatar Liam Hemsworld.

Q&A Buddy System by the BDI

Do you want to discover about cultures, do some activities and make new friends at the same time? In this case, the buddy system is perfectly adapted for you!

Why should you join the buddy system?

  • Making new friends
  • Discovering another culture
  • Learning a language
  • Participating in the integration of international students …

What does the buddy system consist of?

  • Contacting your buddy regularly
  • Finding your common points
  • Having fun! (it can be going to the bar, learning languages, eating at home or restaurant, going to concerts, discovering museums, or participating to escape games!)

Who can join the buddy system? All the students! International student or French, exchange program or PGE, everybody is welcomed!

How are the buddies chosen? Buddies are assigned on criteria such as hobbies, languages, percentage of common points, etc.

How to join the buddies chosen?

Step 1) sign in by clicking this link:

Step 2) answer the form about you and your center of interest (5 minutes maximum!)

Step 3) wait a few days to be paired with your buddy

Step 4) Contact your buddy!

Tips: Sign in with your emlyon email address and, for the city, chose “Ecully – Lyon”

I have a problem, what should I do? You cannot reach your buddy? Or you are not sure if the registration has worked? You can directly contact the BDI with the avatar Liam Hemworld, on Instagram (bdi_emlyon) or contact the co-managers of the international division (Claire Couturier or Laurent Wang on Facebook)!

If you are still hesitating, just watch the testimonies on the BDI’s Instagram and look at all the possibilities you have. There are so many occasions to make new memories and have fun with your future buddy, so just sign in !