Témoignages de nos étudiants internationaux et expatriés

Témoignages de nos étudiants internationaux et expatriés

Par le BDE

emlyon business school c’est aussi plusieurs campus internationaux et nombreux étudiants venus de l’étranger. Témoignage d’un étudiant s’étant expatrié sur le campus de Shanghai et d’Unnathi Pai une étudiante issue d’ASTI (Admis Sur Titre Internationaux) et arrivée à emlyon en septembre 2019.

Unnathi Pai – ASTI 

Bonjour tout le monde! I am Unnathi, from a City named Mysore in South of India. It is a small city famous for its cultural heritage, education and Yoga classes. In my entire life in this city, never did I imagine studying in France. Quite frankly, it all happened in a whim. I decided to study Management, quit my job at Ford, and hence the journey began with downloading hundreds of brochures from Universities around the world. Emlyon seemed promising to me, the ‘Early Maker’ concept was thrilling. I received offer and packed my bags. And I can say now, I am not looking back on that decision. The school has stood on its promise, Makers factory and Learning hub are my second and third home now. I have rejoiced with 3D printer, learnt some crazy many software, spent hours in learning hub scribbling ideas on the white boards and there is no stopping me now. The courses are easy compared to what I was trained in Engineering, but these courses are more practical in real life. For example, I was learning Project Management and the course starts with ‘How to Dream’ & ‘How to Learn’ modules. Never after learning for 20 years did I think I will learn how to learn. Every course has its impact on my personal and professional persona. Economics thought me how to make some very important personal decisions, well I can go on… The point is, the courses are well designed and you get to have an all-round learning. Honestly, it was difficult at first. I have been trained to study text books and top the exam but I was not trained for this practical approach where I had to work with teams, and I had all liberty to be as creative as I want. The freedom here is the power. When you get to design your own course track, you feel like a start-up owner who is planning the next 3 year timeline [you will rarely get to do a project on your own life like this]. I think that is the best thing about this school, the early maker mindset in their every division. Well probably, that’s the second best thing. The first is the students and professors here. I could never imagine making these many friends in France, who took me around town , to nearby cities, and to their homes for Raclette parties. I have friends from almost every country I only knew the name before. To sum it up, Emlyon in just last one year has given me opportunities that has pushed me to introspect, and take a leap out of my comfort zone. I am still lost in my career, trying to figure out which is that which inspires me. Well, sometimes you need to get lost to be found. 

Simon Varin – Etudiant parti sur le campus de Shanghai 

Partir sur le campus d’emlyon à Shanghai a d’abord été pour moi l’opportunité de vivre une expérience à l’étranger dès le début de ma deuxième année de ma scolarité. En intégrant l’école, un de mes objectifs était de sortir de ma zone de confort en partant dans un pays culturellement différent de la France. Shanghai étant à 13h d’avion de Lyon, je n’ai donc pas été déçu. Du point de vue académique, ce séjour a également été très enrichissant. Les cours sont assurés par des professeurs étrangers et fortement liés à l’Asie ce qui m’a permis de développer mes connaissances sur cette région du monde en plein essor. Vivre à Shanghai, c’est aussi l’occasion de vivre dans une ville internationale de 25 millions d’habitants et de profiter de sa richesse et de sa diversité culturelle. C’est aussi être au centre de l’Asie et donc avoir l’opportunité de découvrir l’immensité du territoire chinois ou de pouvoir découvrir n’importe quel autre pays d’Asie.